Bright White LED Fiber Optic Illuminator
Features Higher Output than 150 Watt Halogens and is CE and RoHS Compliant

Dolan-Jenner introduces the Fiber-Lite® LMI-6000 LED Fiber Optic Illuminator for microscopy and general illumination. New and energy efficient, the LMI-6000 features bright white LED lighting with a color temp of 6000K and higher output than the typical 150 watt halogen fiber optic illuminators.

The Fiber-Lite® LMI-6000 was designed with microscopy applications in mind, able to support and fully illuminate gooseneck and annular ring light fiber optics, but is also a great solution for inspection equipment, forensics, machine vision, industrial borescopes, assembly stations, and OEM custom lighting.

The LED lighting of the Fiber-Lite® LMI-6000 is an energy efficient cost saving alternative requiring less power while delivering higher performance than comparable 150 watt halogens. Offering even more value, the Fiber-Lite® LMI-6000 is practically maintenance free with no lamps or fuses to fail, and no lamp sockets to wear out. The long life LED’s of the Fiber-Lite® LMI-6000 are able to provide 20,000 hours of light.  Conversely, a 150 watt halogen can only provide around 200 hours of light. With such a dramatic increase in light hours, large savings can be realized through greater up time during applications, lower maintenance, and the elimination of replacement bulbs 

The 15 mm nosepiece adapter is compatible with all standard Dolan-Jenner Mi-150 series fiber optic light guide configurations.  Furthermore, the Fiber-Lite® LMI-6000  has a universal voltage input of 100 – 240 VAC, and is RoHS compliant & CE certified.

Learn more about the Fiber-Lite® LMI-6000.


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