Custom Fiber Optic Assemblies

Custom Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies


Product Overview

If your application requires a custom designed fiber optic, Dolan-Jenner has the resources to take your project from concept to completion. Dolan-Jenner is unique in that we design, engineer and manufacture fiber optics all within a single facility. Our experienced application engineers can assist you in designing a fiber optic that meets your specific requirements. Our fiber drawing capabilities allow us to better serve our customers by shortening lead times due to the elimination of fiber outsourcing. This also allows us to ensure that our customers get the very best qualtity fiber. Our assemblers have the experience and skill necessary to build even the most complex fiber optics with excellent build quality.

Product Specifications

■ High Intensity: Fiber optic light guides can provide the highest levels of intensity in an unlimited number of configurations and sizes.

■ Cold Light: Keeps damaging lamp and infrared heat away from your samples and application area.

■ Reduced Size: Small distal size capability and fiber flexibility allow access to confined spaces and work areas.

■ Safe Comfortable Handling: Fiber optic light guides are always at ambient temperature allowing for safe adjustment and positioning at any time.

■ Light Output Configurations: More than just multibranches. Fiber optics may be constructed to provide shaped output configurations to fit many needs, such as: annular, lines, multi-aperture, segmented, multipoints, arches and co-axial.

■ Extreme Temperature Capability: Fiber optic light guides can be configured to withstand environmental temperatures from -40 F, and up to 2000 F (1093 c).

■ Harsh Environments: Glass and quartz fibers can tolerate most fluids and chemicals that get splashed during machining, milling, drilling, assembly, or cutting processes.

■ Custom Mechanical Packaging: Assemblies can be integrated or custom designed to meet your dimensional and optical requirements such as fiber type, end ferrule diameter and shape, cable lengths, sheathing materials, etc.