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Probe Kits

Product Overview

Dolan-Jenner’s LT7 is a set of six uniquely designed rigid probes with outside diameters ranging from 0.043 to 0.148 inches (1.1 to 3.7 mm). Four of the probes are straight, one is bent at a 45° angle and one is bent at a 90° angle. The probes are used with Dolan- Jenner illuminators (an A-type adapter is provided with the kit, B-type adapters may be ordered separately) and a fiber optic light guide.

For steam or gas autoclaveable use, order kit LT7-1 (see applications on data sheet) which comes with Dolan- Jenner’s 68 in. silicone- sheathed BA33268 which does not contain an internal steel monocoil and will not conduct EMI/RFI. This system is extremely suitable for physiological illumination requirements on muscle and nerve tissue while conducting readings. For industrial applications, order kit LT7-2 (see applications at right) which comes with Dolan-Jenner’s 60 in. PVC-sheathed (225°F/107°C rated) fiber optic light guide. This rugged light guide is ideal for industrial usage because of its continuous steel monocoil which provides internal strain relief.

Product Specifications

LT7-1: Steam & Gas Autoclaveable

Ideal for Animal Microsurgery

Used in aseptic procedures for sterile field requirements such as:

■ Specific area cell culture illumination that requires immersion of the probe in a liquid preparation to eliminate glare from the meniscus

■ Tissue trans illumination in surgical procedures prior to isolation or cannulation

■ Illumination of small or deep orifices

■ Veterinary, medical or dental in vivo examination

■ Transillumination diagnosis of mucous membranes, teeth and gum tissues

■ Trans- and sub- illumination of frozen sections, wet mounts, emulsions and liquid preparations