Fiber-Lite 190


Convection Cooled 30 Watt Illuminator

Product Overview

This unit was developed to replace standard stereomicroscope illuminators. With equal or better light levels, the Model 190 provides cold light and maximum incident angle gooseneck positioning capability  without heat. The Model 190 is a 30 Watt quartz halogen illuminator capable of delivering over 10,000 footcandles of intense, cold illumination. The light source features a rugged, convection cooled enclosure which results in zero noise, vibration, or air particle generation; an important benifit in semiconductor and other microscopy applications.

The 4-position, solid state, light intensity switch allows the selection of appropriate light levels and signigicantly increases lamp life at lower settings. The rugged Model 190 enclosure with hard mounting capability makes this source ideal for industrial applications.

Single Arm System
The Model 190 "Gooseneck system is available as a single arm model. Featuring a self-supporting, flexible light guide assembly that allow users to position the lighting at an optimal angle of incident lighting. This system also includes a focusing lense to optimize the intensity to the spot where light is needed most. These qualities make the Model 190 the most versatile system for supplying high intensity and cold illumination in both laboratory & harsh environments.

Product Specifications

  • Convection Cooled Enclosure
  • Wide Spectrum Lamp
  • No Vibration or Noise Generation
  • 10,000 Footcandles
  • Intense, Cold Illumination
  • 4-Postition, Solid State Intensity Control
  • Rugged, Convection-Cooled Enclosure
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Vertical Design for Small Footprint


  • Only available in a Single Gooseneck Configuration
  • 115 VAC Input