Accurate Proof-of-Performance Products that Work for You

    As a leading manufacturer for fiber-optic components and fiber-optic illumination systems, our Fiber-Lite Illuminators for microscopy are designed with industry specifications and efficiency in mind.
    To meet the long list of challenges associated with the use of microscopes, Dolan-Jenner has designed light sources and light-guide solutions that feature design configurations suited to your business. In addition to microscopy, our light sources and light guides are also used in assembly stations where a high-intensity point light source is advantageous for quality and productivity. We also have the ability to customize our designs to meet your business needs and requests at a competitive price.
    Dolan-Jenner Industries has been manufacturing Fiber-Lite fiber optic illumination systems for microscopy since 1962. We provide advanced products all the way from some of our original durable units such as the 180 and 190 models to some of our newest products such as the LMI-6000 and DC950H product lines. We want to prove to you whether you’re a long time customer or a new one that we’re changing the way we do business