Fiber-Lite 3100 Illuminator

  • Dolan-Jenner 3100 Illuminator
  • 3100 with Gooseneck
    3100 Shown with Gooseneck
  • Dolan-Jenner 3100 with Ringlight
    3100 Shown with Ringlight

30 Watt Small-Footprint Illuminator

The 3100 is a light weight and compact 30 Watt quartz halogen illuminator with a remote plug-in-the wall transformer. The light source uses an EKZ lamp, which provides upwards 10,000 footcandles of intense, cold illumination. The 3100 has a standard Dolan-Jenner nosepiece, which allows the interface of all Fiber-Lite standard and custom fiber optic light guides. Precise light level settings are obtained via the 4-position, solid state, intensity control switch.

Product Description

The Model 3100 illuminator is typically used for co-axial illumination in microscopy applications. Available in either single gooseneck or ring light configurations, the Model 3100 is Dolan-Jenner's smallest footprint illuminator.

Ring Light Systems
The Model 3100 Ring light systems provide high intensity uniform illumination at high magnifications and long working distances without light adjustments when refocusing or when zoom features are used. Eliminating the clutter and head radiation of conventional light sources and offering better uniformity than LED rings, the Model 3100 ring light system is the ideal solution where 360° of shadow free illumination is required.

Single Arm Systems
The Model 3100-1 "Gooseneck" system is a single arm assembly, featuring a self-supporting, flexible light guide assembly that allow users to position the lighting at an optimal angle of incident lighting. This system also includes the LH-759 focusing lenses to optimize the intensity to the spot where light is needed most. These qualities make the Model 3100-1 a very versatile system for supplying high intensity and cold illumination in both laboratory and harsh environments.



Product Features
  • Small, Compact Footprint
  • Compatible with all Light Guides
  • Lamp Life up to 10,000 Hours
  • Compact, Hard-Mountable to Specialty Equipment
  • 10,000 Footcandles
  • Intense, Cold Illumination
  • 4-Position, Solid State Intensity Control
  • Light Weight & Rugged, High-Impact Plastic Housing
  • 2 Year Warranty
Optional Configurations
  • 25mm ID accepts "SX" and "MX" series adapters
  • Available in single Gooseneck and Ring Light



Dimensions 3100-dimensions

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